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Top Tips For Checking Your Car Before A Road Trip

If your vehicle is requiring maintenance but you can’t afford the expense then you might be interested in the best car repair finance Uxbridge has to offer to spread the costs. It’s important at this time of year with the height of summer fast approaching, as many of us will be travelling all around the country headed to our favourite holiday spots. Take advantage of these top tips from the writers  at WZZM13 for quickly checking to make sure your vehicle is safe before departing on your road trip.

First up make sure your tires are in perfect condition before you set off on a long journey – always look for wear and tear. Worn down tires will need to be replaced and those that look deflated filled back up to the correct pressure for your vehicle. You will be able to find out what that is in your manual.

Secondly check all the liquids in your engine such as the screen wash and oil – if either seems low you’ll need to top these up to avoid difficulty when driving

It’s also important to check that all the filters in your car which keep the air entering the car are clean , allowing your vehicle to ventilate properly. If any look dirty, clean or change them to avoid your car overheating and causing further problems once out driving.

Lastly, check all of the belts and hoses in your vehicles are in good working order to keep it running smoothly. If any problems are noticed make sure you find a reputable certified mechanic to fix the issues right away.




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  • Noah Carter
    August 8, 2017, 10:47 am REPLY

    Prior to a road trip, every car is to be properly checked and maintained. At first, you have to take the vehicle to a reputable garage considering its necessity the most. You may have ever experienced such incidents when your car encountered a problem and you had to go to a garage and then the disastrous activities of the dishonest technicians. You should ask the mechanic to check its tires, engine oil, brakes, wipers, air conditioner and other fluids. If any of them is not in proper working condition, you have to maintain it properly.

  • Martha Scott
    August 23, 2017, 11:27 am REPLY

    We usually take car as our transportation medium during the road trips. But the thing is if our car is not ready for the trip and still we take it on a whim for our entertainment, then it will surely leave us stranded on the road side. Thus, checking the car before hitting the road is I think the first step of safety that everyone should take. Here, you have illustrated with some tremendous tips that one should follow while checking the car before going for a trip. Because it will help us in safe driving and also avoid unwanted failures and other mechanical issues.

  • Ali Nawaz
    November 9, 2021, 6:46 am REPLY

    useful road safety tips
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