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‘Uber-Style’ Breakdown App Unveiled

When your car breaks down It can be a costly inconvenience and you may need to find the best car repair finance Uxbridge has to offer, but there’s now a new app which could see standard breakdown cover a thing of the past.

A new smartphone app named ‘RESQYOU’ has been unveiled, which you will be able to download in the UK this month. There’s no fee for users when they sign up to the app and it will offer a pay-as-you-go service for any motorists who break down at the side of the road according to The Mirror.

The app is designed in a similar way to Uber where you’ll be able to find breakdown services nearest to you who are available. These breakdown services will have already been vetted before being able to be signed up to the app.

The creators of the app say it will save drivers hundreds of pounds with most breakdown cover companies charging a yearly fee for something that may be used only once, as well as surplus charges for starting cover when broken down at the side of the road.

A report showed that most that have breakdown cover pay around £90 per year, but on average a car will only need breakdown support once every 6 years. Over the years this could amount to around £500 paid in cover for one rescue.

The app will be downloadable from the Apple store or google play store and call out starts from around £79.99. Although nearly all types are vehicles are covered and of any age, commercial vehicles or a cars towing will not be able to use this service. There is a second type of call out which costs £99 and will drop you to a location of your choice with 10 miles of the breakdown.



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