Company Car Drivers ‘Don’t Always Report Minor Damage’

New research from Venson Automotive Solutions has found that one-third of drivers with a company car would not report minor damage to the vehicle to their employer.

Fleet News shared the figures, noting that the percentage has risen from 17.5 per cent of company car drivers who said the same thing in 2015.

However, slightly worryingly, just over half (57 per cent) of those surveyed believe that it is their company’s responsibility to arrange car servicing in Uxbridge, when in fact it is down to individual drivers to ensure vehicles are regularly serviced and kept in good running order.

It seems that company car drivers could also be doing more to keep on top of general maintenance too, with just 57 per cent stating that they’d make an effort to top up engine coolant.

Client management director at Venson Automotive Solutions Simon Staton said that it was “worrying” that so many company car drivers didn’t see maintenance as their responsibility.

“Not only is this putting them at risk of the car breaking down, or causing a serious incident, it also creates potentially high repair costs for their employer,” he stated.

Meanwhile, figures shared recently by LeasePlan UK revealed that Tuesday is the most dangerous day of the week to be on the roads.

According to its data, 18 per cent of accidents involving company cars happen on a Tuesday. The organisation estimates that car accidents are costing businesses an average of £16.1 million each year, with vehicles involved in collisions typically off the road for ten days while they’re repaired.


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