Getting Ready To Drive In The EU Post-Brexit

With the deadline for Brexit fast approaching on March 29th, drivers all over the UK need to start thinking about what they may have to do in order to hit the roads in the EU and the European Economic Area, as it’s possible that you might have to have a different international driving permit in order to drive abroad if we do leave without a deal in place.

Those of you who are UK licence holders living in the EU should change your current driving licence for an EU one before March 29th. After that, if there is no EU exit deal in place, it’s possible that you’ll have to pass a driving test in the country you’re living in so you can continue driving there.

Remember that increased demand at this time could see longer processing times and delays when it comes to exchanging your licences as March 29th nears, so try and sort this out as soon as you can. You’ll still be able to drive in the UK using your EU licence.

After we’ve left the EU, it’s advised that you display a GB sticker on the back of your vehicle when driving outside the UK, regardless of whether you have a number plate that has the GB identifier on it already.

You should also continue to take your vehicle registration documents with you when driving in the EU for less than 12 months after March 29th. You can either take your vehicle log book with you or a VE103 to show you’re allowed to use your leased or hired car abroad.

It’s also possible that you’ll need a motor insurance Green Card when driving in the EU if we leave without an exit deal and the European Commission fails to come to a decision that ensures registered vehicles won’t be checked for proof of insurance.

For lorry and truck drivers, extra documentation will be required to drive in the EU and the EEA. In the event of a no-deal Brexit, EU and EEA countries might not recognise UK-issued community licences, although the European Commission has suggested some steps to allow hauliers to continue moving goods into the EU and the EEA without permits until the end of December this year.

Under this proposal, it’s expected that drivers won’t need an dEMCT international road haulage permit in order to continue doing business in the EU.

From March 28th, you’ll have to register commercial trailers that weigh more than 750kg and non-commercial ones weighing over 3,500kg before they can travel through the majority of EU countries.

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