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A warm welcome to the The Courtwoods Team, which is headed up by the father and daughter duo, Gur and Randeep.

In 1973, Gur started as an apprentice with Miles Motors, that was a Triumph franchise, then it became a Mazda dealership. Mr Miles at the time, passed the business to his son-in-law Lesley Dobbin.

In 1976, Lesley Dobbing changed from a dealership to an independent garage called Courtwood Car Services – an independent garage servicing and maintaining any vehicle.

In 1991 Gur became the business owner for Courtwood Car Service, he was not family, but the family legacy continued with his daughter supporting him and growing the business.

Randeep has taken the helm in running the business, keeping it very much a family feel. They are well known and respected in the local area for and have a loyal customer base.

Gur and Randeep have instilled their values of customer care in all of their staff. Their team of professionals are friendly and helpful and always go that extra mile for their clients.

Randeep’s background in business and marketing has given her a fantastic foundation to she take the entrepreneurial plunge and join her father’s garage business – Courtwoods. As a child, Randeep was, to a certain extent, naturally drawn towards her father’s business, but what really prompted her to leave her job was her father’s passion and integrity.

As she went about building the brand, Randeep grew curious about how to address the traditional hassle associated with garages and has put some wonderful systems in place to make life even more convenient for customers, such as the MOT reminders and Winter Service checks.

It was one father-daughter talk that made Randeep take the decision of joining her father.

“Watching my father do business definitely gave me a heads-up and I went on to learn things faster. I learnt everything there was to do under his guidance. Our bond is very supportive and conversational and we can discuss anything under the sun. My father has always given me opportunities to learn new things and continues to do so. He is the epitome of an ideal friend and a great mentor who can transition between playing these roles effortlessly.”

This father-daughter collaboration bucks the general perception of a son ideally taking over a father’s business. Randeep says she feels it’s up to all of us to put these old ideas behind us and not use the gender card. “It is your work and work ethics that matter, therefore, gender lines are blurred.” she says.

Gur is really proud of how his daughter is taking the business forward.

Why I love working here

“We all get on really well, it’s not like coming to work at all. I can’t wait to come into work, and before I know it’s time to go home! It has such a friendly atmosphere.

This is a really nice place to work and that makes all the difference.

I’ve learnt so much being here.

It really makes my day when a client comes back to personally thank us. We always go that extra mile for them, so it’s great when it’s appreciated.

The staff and customers are wonderful, it’s like family.

I’ve been here for 2 years and I love it.”





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