Air conditioning is a specialist service and requires certification to handle air conditioning refrigerant.  We have the trained and certified staff to fault find and diagnose air conditioning problems and service the system, this is specialist expert service.

Most cars have air conditioning now and it’s important that you make the most of it by maintaining it every 2 years.  Prices can vary on type of vehicle and history of maintenance.

If you have air conditioning it is important to maintain it and use it.

Why use it ?

  • A/C demists your screen in minutes
  • Eliminate condensation
  • Keep you cool in the summer
  • Reduces humidity

Why maintain it ?

  • Reduces fuel efficiency
  • Unhealthy to passengers, especially people suffering from breathing problems
  • Becomes smelly and full of bacteria
  • Caused itchy eyes and headaches
  • Very expensive if not looked after
  • Keeps the system cool and clean

Important how to use it ?

  • You will get better fuel economy
  • A safe and comfortable driving experience
  • Never wait for it to stop working
  • Use it for 5 minutes a day even when you do not need it

When and How its should be maintained ?

  • A/C should be recharged every 2 year
  • Should have the pollen/cabin filter changed annually
  • Receiver Dryer should be changed every 3 years
  • Should still maintain it even if it works

If you follow all the steps of when and how it should be maintained, your air conditioning will not be expensive to maintain.

If your A/C is not working an A/C Recharge will not always fix it.  Chances are that your system is leaking and we will need to investigate the problem.

At Courtwoods we have the expertise and the certification to handle the gas and repair the system electrically and replace parts safely.

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