We look after all minor quick fit jobs too.  All prices are given by your car specification.
We can supply and fit all sizes of tyres, all we need to know from you is your tyre size which is on the side wall of your tyre.

Tyres at Courtwood Cars

Do you need a tyre, we can have them delivered to us within a couple of hours to get you on the road!
We can fit all tyres on cars and light commercial vehicles from branded to budget



  • Driving a car below legal limit can get you a £2000 fine and 3 points on your licence
  • 6mm is the legal limit, driving a car with tyres close to or on the legal limits reduces your braking distance considerably. We recommend you change your tyres as soon as they get to less than 3mm
  • Change the pair if you can for a better drive and even wear
  • Check your tyre pressures every couple of weeks, a tyre low in pressure will cause your tyre to wear

Exhausts at Courtwood Cars

We can fit exhausts, catalytic convertors & DPFs for all cars, very quickly. We can carry out welding repairs where possible on exhausts. All our exhausts are of good quality and of good fitment.

We can also look after vehicles with DPF (diesel particular filter) and have the required expertise. We can look after these complex systems and advise you on their condition when booked in with our service 2 option.



  • A poor exhaust is unhealthy to the environment and you
  • It can fail a MOT so it is important to make sure the fumes are healthy and the physical state is in good condition
  • We have fuel additives to maintain good health to your fuel and exhaust systems

Book now to have your Free exhaust checked

Batteries at Courtwood Cars

Our batteries come with a minimum of a 3 year warranty and we use good quality brands such as Yuasa and Bosch

We offer a free battery and alternator check to make sure you do not get let down


  • With modern technology in cars for comfort and entertainment can have a load on your battery
  • Over time your car will lose its charge
  • Make sure all electrics are switched off when you start the car
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